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Fetish Mistress

Naked and hooded slave receives a caining from his blonde Mistress and then is bound in clingfilm.

Punished in the Dungeon

Slaves strapped up, suspended and whipped by a variety of Mistresses.

Clingfilm Slave

Blonde bombshell Mistress in PVC outfit with corset teases her slave wrapped tightly in climfilm.

Two Ladies in the Clinic

Two hot mistresses closely medically exam their slave's cock, nipples and anus.

Fetish Art

Artistic pictures of a Mistress and her bound up slave in a full gimp suit.

With Mistress Treasure in the Hotel

Mistress Treasure toys with her slave at her leisure while he is bound up tightly in clingfilm.

Punished in the Woods

Mistress tortures her naked slave in the woods by whipping him then punishing his nipples with clamps.

Lady Natalie Black's Strap On

Lady Natalie Black force fucks her slave with her large shiney black PVC strap on cock.

Picture Link Oopsie

Apologies about yesterday's broken picture links. I blame the liquor. To make up for it, here is a photo from a recent video at, featuring Lady Natalie Black, Madame Caramel, Mistress Kiana, and a hapless slave.

Latex Foot Fucking

Hot scantily clad Mistress foot fucks her male slave with her shiny latex tights and gloves.

Muscle Mistress

Muscular body built Mistress takes charge of her manacled and chained slave.

Cock Inspection

Lady Natalie Black and friend are latex clad nurses thoroughly medically inspecting their slave's cock.

Mistress Ava Black in the Bunker

Ebony Mistress Ava Black in a corset and high heeled boots plays with her naked slave in the dark dirty bunker.

Sexy Mistress

Topless brunette Mistress in tight leggings and heels commands her slave by yanking his chain.

Lady Victoria Valent

Introducing Lady Victoria Valent in tight fitting leather and high heeled shoes.

Punished in the Snow

Slave has his cock and balls tortured in the freezing cold snow by a RingMistress in shiney latex and high heels.

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Breast Bondage

Lady Natalie Black tightly binds up the large breasts of her pet slave, in this sunny outdoor shoot.

Arse Stretching Extreme

Slaveboy's arse gets stretched by a stern Mistress using her hand, foot, baseball bat and a dildo on a drill.

Beach Slavegirl

Lustruous Lady Natalie Black, forcibly masturbates and films her busty rope tied and ballgagged beach slavegirl.

The Slave in the Hotel

Lustruous Lady Natalie Black, in a long, red leather dress and high heels, trains her matching flogger on a deserving slave's raw backside.

Domina Silvia's Spanking Slave

Dressed in a satin version of a period schoolmistress outfit, Domina Silvia performs strict discipline on her naked student/slave, spanking him with her bare hands.